Ladies Cutting:

(includes consultation, shampoo massage, condition & styling)

Cut & finish from $75 – $90
All restyles from $90 – $100
Request Master Stylist from $95

*Price includes wash & blow-wave


(shampoo, massage & blow-wave)

Standard blow-wave from $55 – $65
Session or Extra styling from $65 – $110
Blow-waves with Emma: $75

*Additional cost for curling from $55. Price on request

Kids Cutting:

Children under 12 from $20 – $25
Children Male 12-18 from $30 – $35
Children Female 12-18 from $45 – $70

*Teenage girl style cuts including a blow-wave are the same as adult prices

*Prices can vary depending on length and styling involved

Men's Cutting:

Standard Cut $40
Men’s colour from $85
Beard Trim $5.00


Request Master Colourist: POA

Base Colours: $145 – $170

Colour Glossing:
Semi-Permanent from $145 – $175

Foil Highlights/Creative Colour:
½ Head of foils from $195
Full head colour from $230 – $280
Balayage from $280
Colour Correction: POA
Each extra colour: $20
Glam colour: $35
Glam colour added to a treatment: $10
Shine and tone: $35

De-colourising Wash from $45

Toner from $35

Express Toner from $40


Note: we only deal with tape extensions

Tape Extension removal: $55.00 per half hour

Tape Extension Application: $55.00 per half hour

Re-Tape: $55.00 for wash and re-tape.

Re-Tape tape: $29.95

All colour services are inclusive of a cut and blow-wave.

*If you choose to waive your cut and blow-wave the price will not vary.
*If you choose to waive your blow wave your cut-price will still be the same.
*Prices are subject to change and will be determined upon consultation.

Quoting: As everyone is an individual and has different desires, we would love to see you in person for a personalised consultation to achieve your expectations. Quoting over the phone is only a rough estimate, to avoid disappointment and achieve the best result come on down and meet us!


La Biosthétique PCC from:

$65 – $95

1 ampule: $65.00
2 ampule: $75.00
3 ampule: $85.00
Home care pack: $95.00

“The new formulation to combat hair breakage 

Bleaches, colour and perms all have one thing in common: But, to achieve lasting results, certain structures in the hair have to be broken. Bleach decomposes the natural hair colour, whilst colour deposits new pigment. Perms change the structure and shape of the hair.. Even if everything runs smoothly during these treatments, despite protective and conditioning active ingredients,  there has always been one isnag. The network in which keratin, the hair’s most important building block, is embedded, there are often breaks in some parts which make the hair more sensitive and weaker in certain areas. 

PCC’s innovative formulations were created to avoid precisely this side effect: They now make the impossible possible: a concentrated molecular protection complex fills gaps inside the hair’s network, known as sulphur bonds, during the processing time of bleach, colour and perms, and deposits new keratin into these gaps or breaks in the structure. ”

La Biosthétique Treatment Mask:


(Intensive Spa Mask)

“This hair mask repairs stressed, long hair, provides it with deep conditioning and restores its amazing shine, softness and liveliness. Seductive shine, fantastic softness and liveliness. A deep conditioner is essential to ensure this lasts. An extract of the valuable Yacón root provides strength and vitality and nourishes dry hair with important minerals and vitamins – effective anti-ageing for long hair. Exquisite Sacha inchi nut oil, rich in omega-3 + 6 fatty acids, repairs stressed structures, strengthens the hair shaft and revitalises the hair root. The exclusive hyaluronic acid contained in the Intensive Spa Mask binds lots of moisture resulting in the hair gaining an incredible increase in softness of up to 41%. The spa hair mask not only softens the hair, but strengthens and protects it from within, makes it more resistant and results in a breathtaking shine.

The sweet smell of success:
The scent which was exclusively created for La Biosthétique by an international scent designer surrounds the hair in an aromatic veil of seduction and sensuality – all day long!

The Intensive Spa Mask – the magic formula for brilliant, long hair.

Also comes in Fine hair, volume and Anti-Frizz.

Also for $10.00 extra add a glam colour shade to refresh your colour at the same time.”

La Biosthétique Ampule Treatment


(Complete Hair luxury Professional Spa Fluid Ampule)

“All women with long, coloured, sensitized, fine hair are familiar with the annoying combing and detangling of their sensitive manes after washing.

The unique Spa Ampule contains a powerful portion of active ingredients. A highly effective silk hydrolysate surrounds the aged lengths and tips and instantly and noticeably improves their structure. Fine oil from the Peruvian Sacha inchi nut, combined with a very high content of conditioning alpha-linolenic acid and protective Vitamin E, surround the hair in silky softness. Annoying tangles are lastingly prevented and finally combs can gently glide through hair without any resistance. The hair is wonderfully smooth and shiny. In addition, there is the exclusive Cheveux Longs scent, which emanates pure sensuality – all day long!”

Bond Ultim8:


Including Step 3 take-home care.

The formula acts as a buffer for the alkaline agents in the lightening process that preserves the bond while allowing the lightening to continue to happen.

Bond Ultim8 prevents bond breakage during chemical hair process and protects the bonds over time. Protect bonds with 8 benefits in 1.

Discover 8 upgraded benefits with the power of Bond Ultim8. Protect bonds and keep hair strong all in the same service.

  1. Helps protect bonds during lightening
  2. Maintains expected lift
  3. No reformulation needed
  4. No additional time needed
  5. Helps prevent hair breakage
  6. Helps preserve hair fibres
  7. Deeply nourishes
  8. Hair looks healthier
La Biosthetique PCC
Hair Ritual
La Biosthetique - Ampule treatment
Bond Ultim8

*Our pricing is a reflection of our commitment to continual training, education and experience.
All prices include GST. All prices are subject to variation without notice.